Globally, coworking spaces have become very popular, affording business startups on the spot networking opportunities and unexpected encounters. This is normally tricky to re-erect in traditional office settings and provide value for startups and small businesses.

In quality coworking spaces similar to The Stretton Centre, That Space or CO-HAB, you will find a collection of minds that have been inspired by the brand that brought them to the shared space. As a member, you derive great value from the brand that created the shared office, its culture, as well as the type of people it attracts.

Features in the community rooms include free coffee, Wi-Fi, whiteboards, TV’s, lockers and more. However, the unstructured exchanges that occur with your peers at the shared coffee machines is the greatest feature. The information interactions made with your coworking peers have the potential to spark new ideas.

For instance, if you want to find a new way to do payroll, or hire a designer for your website, or are looking for advice on employee contracts, valuable expertise is just a few cubicles from where you are seated. It saves you countless hours of frustration that would have been spent researching and trying to reinvent solutions.

When you are growing your business, flexibility is very important. A coworking space can accommodate the changes you need to make to your team, and doesn’t require firm commitment such as yearlong leases as is the case with most commercial spaces. Memberships range from a daily drop in pass to a yearly membership, and anything in between.

Coworking spaces have the ability to ease the stress that comes with starting a new business and provides you with valuable resources and connections that cannot be found anywhere else.

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